Baywatch in Oman

„The body achieves, when the mind believes“

Having lunch on the beach everyday, paddle boarding and going horse riding as the sun was setting are just few things that I did while vacationing in the beautiful Oman. It has been wonderful 6 days spent in this amazing country that brought me a lot of time to relax my mind, soul and body, which was very necessary for me, because of all the school work that I had before the holidays. If I would have to describe my vacation in 3 words they would definitely be: sea, sand and sun. And this is how I got inspired to do this photoshoot. While shooting, I felt little bit like Pamela Anderson in the Baywatch movie, while wearing my one-piece bikini from Tommy Hilfiger, which is so cute and the colour of it is perfect. My bikinis are also from the same brand and I bought these in Cannes last year during summer. What I like about them is that they shape out your body perfectly and bring out your curves in places they need to be brought up. For an extra touch I paired both of my swimsuits with pair of cat-eye glasses from Attention Frames, which is a Instagram shop.