Born To Be A City Girl

I’ve always loved the city. From the constant life on streets, people always having fun to the sound of music escaping from city bars. I love it all! If I should choose one city to live in forever I would probably pick New York because first of  all my all time favourite shows were shot there ( Sex in the City, Friends, Gossip Girl), second of all it’s a place where many different cultures met and formed an unforgettable place where tourist go and explore the beauty of NYC and last, but not least New York is all about the people that live in this beautiful and admired city, without all the businessmen from Wall Street, college students that attend Ivy League schools to shopaholics basically living on 5th Avenue, the biggest city in the US wouldn’t be it . New York has been a dream of mine for many years and I cannot wait to visit this magnificent city.As the real New Yorker that we all adore, Blair Waldorf said:

“ I love New York…you’re never alone, but you’re always on your own“

This outfit is the perfect mix of cute yet comfortable. It’s suitable for every occasion whether your are going for a lunch with your mom or going shopping with your girlfriends, you choose. The dress I am wearing is my absolute recent favourite, it’s from Mango. The shoes that I am wearing are from an Italian brand called Ash. The jewellery I decided to pair this outfit with are from Swarovski (rings), Urban Outfiters (choker).

Photographer: Natálka Jakubcová