Casual Day with Katka

During the summer I had lots of fun travelling, meeting up with my friends and having free time, which in my case was much needed, but summer is unfortunately over and school already started. Few days ago as I was reading through my previous blog posts I noticed that I never really talk about myself anymore. So I decided to dedicate this post to me, well not really to me, but to my casual day. Casual days mean to me that I can chill all day and not be on a photoshoot or airport and just basically have time for myself.

„Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.“

I start my day of waking up around 10-11 o’ clock. For me it’s really important to sleep at least 8 hours to feel refreshed. Right after I wake up I go straight to the kitchen and drink one glass of water to boost my metabolism. Than I make myself „late breakfast“, which usually includes plain croissant with yoghurt and vanilla coffee and while I eat that I listen to my Spotify playlists and scroll through Instagram and check my emails and my other social media. 

On my casual days I really take time to take care of my skin and body so I usually spend like an hour in the bathroom. After that you know how it goes: I do my makeup, hair and I put an outfit together. Around the time I am all „glammed up“ it’s time for lunch so I head to the city to get lunch with my friends or by myself it depends. When I am not eating at home I usually order Caesar salad because that is my favourite lunch meal.

The things and activities I do depend on if I hangout with someone and by the time we hangout. When I have plans with someone during the day we usually go on a coffee or go biking together on my retro bikes, which I really enjoy doing. During the night we usually go to the cinema or hangout somewhere in the city. When I have free time like this I really like to hangout with people I haven’t seen for awhile and just be in the moment so I really try to stay off my phone as much as possible. When I don’t hangout with someone I go on a walk with my dog, read a book, go to the gym or watch a movie.

The outfit I chose to go for was my favourite during the summer. Lets start with the accessories. My velvet black choker is from Stradivarius, my always go-to bag is from Coccinelle and my most comfortable pair of sneakers are from Gucci. As you can see I really love the combination of red and white colour because I think they really go together, but also because it creates very luxury feel to the clothing. My top is from the iconic Chiara Ferragni and my skirt, which btw was everyone writing me about is from a french brand called May Collection and I bought it in a boutique in Bratislava.

So now you know how having a casual day with me is and I hope you enjoyed this article therefore it was something different and more personal than I usually post 🙂