How I became a makeup artist

Since I was a little girl I used to watch my mom prepare herself for many dinners and events. I always looked at a elegant and beautiful woman who I am still aspire to be. I remember when I was small I used to take her Dior red lipstick and try to put in on my lips so I look a little bit like her. She taught me everything from makeup to fashion and I am so grateful for that. Beauty has always interested me and since I wanted to know more I decided to go on a makeup course and become a certified makeup artist.

My makeup school was amazing from the first time I walked in. The environment and everyone’s excitement was really great. The school I went to is called Makeup by Institute Prague and my course lasted for 2 weekends. The specific course I was doing was for beginners so throughout these two weekends we learned the basics of makeup and how to take care of your skin and how to apply certain makeup and how to use the tools. What I really liked and enjoyed about this course was that I could be really creative with makeup and that I learned something new about this industry. On the end of the course we had two tests. One was written with 5 questions to answer and the second one (more important one), was that you were given a specific makeup look and you had to re-create it on a model. The makeup look I chose randomly from the box was dark smokey eyes with nude lips. I was little bit nervous, because I wasn’t really confident in doing smokey eyes, but it turned out well and I got my certificate (yay).

If you are that type of girl or a guy who enjoys doing their makeup and is creative I am 100% recommending you this makeup school. They are really professional and friendly people that will give you their experience and advice to be better at beauty and makeup. I really want to say thank you to all the girls that I’ve met during this course even if you were a model or a aspiring makeup artists. Big thanks to Bára, Lukáš and mostly to Markétka for pushing us forward and giving us the best advice. I really appreciate everything and I hope I’ll come back soon.