While you try to grab some aviators or Lennon’s in the store, nothing says today’s chic than cat eye sunglasses. During the golden ages icons like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly or Elizabeth Taylor wore this classic design as a everyday wear. They are considered as „tricky to wear“ since not a lot of people can pull them off, because of their face shape. In my opinion anyone can pull anything off, but they had to present themselves with confidence. When wearing sunnies this extravagant you have to figure out what will go with them the best. I personally style my cat-eyes with something simple, chic and black (I always wear black). In this outfit I choose to wear my favourite sheer turtleneck from Zara and my leather jacket with studs. I also decided to add a leather skirt to match with the jacket. I got my sunglasses from an Instagram shop called Attention Frames.

Photography: Nicole Lieskovska