Strolling around the city

„For someone it can be part of their everyday life, but for someone it can be the right way to stay creative“

You know how it goes. Sometimes feeling the beat of strangers walking past you, listening to the music playing from street musicians and not caring about anyone or anything is the right way to relax and think about life. Welcome to the city! Where there is always something happening. There was this one time when I decided to take myself out on a surprisingly sunny day of the 2nd week of January. I was in my favourite local coffee house watching people walk by with their families, children, friends or fiancés sipping from my favourite coffee beverage. Watching people and seeing what they are wearing and how they interact with people makes me inspired in such a creative way that many looks that I put together or pictures that I take are inspired by these strangers which names I don’t even know. I am writing this because I think it’s very important to look around yourself and enjoy the moment to create new things and get inspired by your environment.

Photographed by: Natália Jakubcová

Get the look

Beret: Zara

Vest: @myluxbazar (Instagram)

Top: Zara

Clutch: Louis Vuitton

Jeans: Levi’s

Boots: d’Ambrosio store (Vienna)