The art of self love

Self love = regard for one’s own well-being and happiness

It’s 8am on Saturday morning. I am looking at my keyboard and thinking about how to write this post. I never really said anything about this topic in the past, because I felt like I was too young to say something. I am 16 year old now who is trying to figure out her life like most of you who are reading this. Sometimes it’s complicated, sometimes it’s fun, but it’s never easy. I have always considered myself as I perfectionist. Everything around me had to be on point, whether it was my clothes or my projects in school. Everything had to be perfect no matter what. At the age of 12 I started to self-critisize my body and at the age of 14 I’ve finally learned how to appreciate my body and soul. I feel like everyone goes through this in some part of their life and I have the need to talk about it since I was also the one who was blinkered.

Photographer: Nicole Lieskovska

Makeup: @luccifermakeup on Instagram

A lot of people ask me how is it possible for me to be so comfortable in my own skin. My usual answer is that I never compare myself to other girls/women. In my opinion social media plays a big role in this, since many people are looking at other people’s life and compare other’s lifestyle to theirs. Most of the times these types of people aspire to look and to be viewed a certain way and are ashamed of themselves when they don’t see „their dream self“. I’ve heard many personal stories about people that felt like they were pressured to look a certain way just because they though they will have more friends or be more loved. To clear all things up, this is not the way to live. You should never be pushed to be someone you are not and you should never change your personality just to be more likeable. If your friends really care about you they will accept your flaws no matter how you will look like. This is what life is about, finding someone who will always stay by your side and support you in any situation. Once people are going to realise that loving yourself is the only way to heal, the world will be a better place. Self love is about loving the person who you see in the mirror even though it’s not the „ideal“, that is presented on social media, because every piece of you is unique in it’s own way. If you found love in yourself everything is going to go to the right place.

The one thing that helped me the most to overcome these dark times was feeling loved. I surrounded myself with people that cared about me. I know it’s not always easy to find people like these, but I was lucky enough to find them. They gave me strength and support and therefore I found love in myself. It’s not always about you realising that you should forgive yourself and conciliate that you are who you are, but also other people helping you to fight with your issues. My final message to all the girls and boys that are trying to learn how to love yourself again. Please always cut out all negative influences, forgive yourself and celebrate your worth. You all are enough and a special kind so don’t underestimate your power. Also be patient, for some of you it may be a long process, but believe me it’s worth trying.